Who is André Rousseau ?

André Rousseau‘s career and expertise are in human resources, management trainings, health and safety occupational and in the operations, for small and large companies. He is the author of the book '' Les Ressources Humaines – le modèle québécois.’’ 

In addition, André is a certified trainer for ‘‘Emploi Québec’’ government agency and the Québec Partners Work and Labor Commission, for training and coaching in human resources management and health and safety at work. He is Mentor to Entrepreneurs of the Jeune Chambre et de professionnnels de Lanaudière (Board of Trade - regional division), and member of the Mentor Network, through Quebec Entrepreneurship Foundation.

Senior Consultant and President of his firm ‘‘André Rousseau – Conseiller’’ André accompanies Entrepreneurs, Managers and employees, to improve their performance, offering specialized business training sessions and coaching, and implementing controls process in HR and OHS, across Quebec, in Ontario, in New Brunswick, in Europe, and in USA.

Our O.H.S. and H.R. training and services in business.

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Forklift Operator

To operate and drive a forklift, the operator must have a certification of competencies. It is the law.

This training provides your employee this certification, but it goes further by informing him of the obligations of each stakeholder, and of internal tools, which will ensure the compliance of the company.

This training informs on the items that must be check before using small forklifts and large loads, and on standards, which are refer to the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety.

This training provides an attestation of competencies to the operator for 4 years and an OSH certificate to the company.

Stop, observe, and act safely!

Incident investigation

In these days, health and safety in the workplace is pervasive. Governments have ruled on the responsibilities of interveners, either the employer, the employee and all other intervener. The CSST has defined audits and penalties. Health and safety is now a must at work.

Employers must implement tools to demonstrate and ensure controls, actions and procedures, in order to protect individuals. Analysis and investigation of accident and incident is an effective and recognized under the Act and regulations. It is mandatory to make an investigation following an accident and, strongly recommend making an analysis and a survey for any incident that could have caused a serious accident.

The objective of the training is to train investigators, managers, representatives and ensure a process of analysis and company survey, with method, rigorous, and to be respectful of laws and rights.

The training is address to:

  • to the representative of the company and responsible for OHS ;
  • to the managers of employees, supervisors, team leaders ;
  • to building supervisors ;
  • to OHS agents ;
  • for employees representative or an observer representing the employee.

Stop, observe, and act safely!

Lockout procedure

Lockout or Isolation procedure is one of the most important procedure on site, in factory and others workplace involving equipment powered by an energy, This training is adapted to the needs of working on construction sites, factories or warehouses. It covers the following topics:

  • the law and the responsibility of the employer and the employee
  • the lockout procedure - what? - how?
  • the supervision during lockout
  • the types of energy to lockout
  • the steps to a lockout operation
  • the use lockout worksheets
  • the equipment necessary to lockout
  • the risk analyses before starting the work and restart the installation
  • a comprehension test to each participant.

At the end of this training, the worker will know how to do a lockout procedure, when and why, and the equipment needed to do so.

The employer of the participant receives a certificate mentioning the development of its employees in the field of health and safety at work.

Here, we believe in prevention, in safety and performance 

Risk Analysis

The objective of this course is to develop habits, and observation of situations to evaluate the risks, and prevent accidents at work, on site or in the factory. We learn to observe, analyze the potential risks and evaluate solutions. It empowers our people.

At the end of this training, your managers, employees and contractors, will be able to evaluate the risks of a accident in their working environment or to different workplace.

This training provides to the participant a certificate of knowledge and skills for risk analyses. The employer of the participant receives a certificate mentioning the development of its employees in the field of health and safety at work.

Stop, observe, and act safely!

Road signs and traffic control

Each construction site is unique and has its risks. Whether it is because of the nature of the work, the environment, the various contractors and interveners at the same time, you must set up road signs and means of prevention according to the rules of the Ministry of Transport, for the protection of yours employees, contractors and the public. 

This road signs and traffic control training is done in regard of the regulations of the Ministry of Transport, the personal protective equipment of the worker near a public or private road, types of work to protect, and traffic signs to respect according to different driving conditions and environments.

This course is address to employees, subcontractors, managers, inspectors and supervisors, working near by a road and where they could be hit by a vehicle.

Here, we think accident prevention, work environment and public’s safety!

Trenches or excavations

It is essential that all workers, who have to work in trenches or excavations, on municipal structure or network, be trained on the hazards associated with the work of digging a trench and excavation, and in regards of specific control measures.

The objective of this training is the health and safety of workers and the public, during digging and work in trenches or excavations, by methods regulated and documented. It covers various risks, types of grounds, the protective equipment and facilities, and audits, planning and risk analysis before starting the work.

A 2 hour training in a class room.

Here, we think accident prevention, work environment and work performance!

Work at height (construction sites)

This training is communicate to workers of all types of construction sites, for mechanics, painters, electricians and other trades and craft, that do have to work at height, on platforms, scaffoldings.

This training deals with specific criteria on how to install and dismantle a platform or a scaffold, how to check and work on theses installations, how to check, use and adjust a harness. It includes a comprehension test completed by the participant. This training is address to workers, supervisors, managers, prevention agents. A personal certification card of knowledge and skills is given to the participant.

The employer of the participant receives a certificate mentioning the development of its employees in the field of health and safety at work.

 Here, we think prevention, safety and work performance!

Working at height (Telecom and Cable distribution network)

This training is adapted to the needs of employees, subcontractors and other interveners, working in a pole, and in the telecom or cable distribution space, on the areal structures and spaces, near the electricity network. It emphasize on risks and electrical hazards near a network or an electrical installation.

The objectives of this training are to highlight the health and safely technics and by laws from CSST, ASP Construction, Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Transport (traffic signs), in regards of achieving quality and efficient work.

This training provides to the technician a certification of knowledge and skills to perform work at height on structures and in the telecom and cable distribution workspace. The employer of the participant receives a certificate mentioning the development of its employees in the field of health and safety at work.

Here, we think prevention, work environment and work performance!

HR " à la carte"

Expertise in human resources management for:

  • HR services to your needs, when you need;
  • The services of a professional resource;
  • The assistance of a Business Mentor;
  • Facilitate management process;
  • Training on OHS, 5S and work organization;
  • To evaluate the performances, set and achieve goals, to give feedback to your employees and recognize their efforts.

I can assist and help you:

  • for a specific process or activity;
  • to ensure a expertise;
  • for temporary or permanent professional assistance.

My goal is to support you in achieving your goals.

Performance evaluation

Your employees are your most important investment, the most important factor to your success. Team and individual objectives, evaluate performance and give efficient feedbacks, are activities that all managers who supervise employees, must be in control.

It is a responsibility and a must, in managing human resources.

There are two options. By on line the training on «Evaluate the performance of your employees» or participate to a training session on how to implement and perform an evaluation program. These offers includes the follow up with the responsible manager.

My role is to inform, advice and assist managers who supervise employees. This training is also address to HR managers and employees on the process of evaluation of performance, and how to make positive and effective feedbacks.

We have developed a solid expertise on the subject and activities of employee performance evaluation and feedback techniques.

Here we talk about know-how in HR Management.

HR and Management Coaching

A HR and Management Coach is an added value in know-how processes on the techniques of managing your employees, in how to do and improve your relationship and to develop skills.

  • We empower Managers, Supervisors and Human Resources Managers, to develop their potential of managing their employees and performance.
  • We assist top Managers and entrepreneurs in their tasks, to expand markets, improve results and growth.

A business Mentor is a precious help and assistant, on how to be, how to create relationship and how to manage values for different situations and issues.  

Here, we develop your expertise and your success!

Your Company's values

How to change habits, promote the improvement?

At the school, they are call a life code. These are principles of operation and compliance among employees, managers and with the customers.

The life code is reflect by values that are specific to your business. They are develop between leaders and employees, and they are a sign of trust, as valuable as an ISO standard. It is a quality assurance, trust and efficiency.

The purposes of this training and this support are to define, implement or renew your company values. 

Your corporate values... It is a quality assurance, compliance and efficiency.

… Here we create complicity and partnership!

Here, we create trust and ownership among our people!

Our success, our customers

ArcelorMittal iron & metal - Canada (New Brunswick, Québec, Ontario)
for OHS Management

Audace - Productions et Agence Audace
for HR Management

Bell Canada subcontractors and cable distribution entrepreneurs 
for OHS Management & Training (Work at Height near electricity network):

  • Laurin & Laurin électriciens (Boisbriand)
  • Installations Satellite Express (Lachine-Montréal)
  • Groupe Maskatel (St-Hyacinthe)
  • Les Communications JGF (St-Georges de Beauce)
  • Les Lignes du Fjord (Saguenay)
  • Filages Désicom Inc. (Berthierville)
  • Coopérative de Câblodistribution de l'Arrière-Pays (Québec)
  • Tel Tech Télécommunication (Repentigny)
  • Téléphone St-Victor (Beauce)
  • Téléphone St-Ephrèm (Beauce)
  • Groupe Télécom Kaster (Ste-Eulalie pour Sogetel)
  • CBF Télécom (Laval)
  • Stephtech Télécom
  • Conseil de Bande Atikamekw de Manawan – Télécommunications Manawan
  • Coopérative de Câblodistribution de Notre-Dame des Monts
  • Réseau de Communications Eeyou (Chibougamau)
  • Déry Télécom (Saguenay)
  • MSC Télécom (Estrie, Centre du Québec)

Contractors and interveners who have been trained in "Digging and working in trenches and excavations":

  • Telecon (Québec, Trois-Rivières, Gatineau and Montréal)
  • Atelier 51 inc. (Diotte Excavation)
  • Bell Canada Inspectors (Quebec Région)

Those who have followed my training in "Overview of traffic signs and control and on road construction sites":

  • Bell Canada Inspectors (Quebec Region)

Communication Idéal - Espace Bell 
for HR Management

Construction Companies - Entrepreneurs
for OHS Management (Work at height and Incident investigation)

  • at Bernard MNJ - Laval
  • at Steel Deschambault-Terrebonne 
  • at J.P. Lessard Canada - Montreal 

Excavation Leclerc and Roy 
for HR Management

Félix le peintre
for HR Management

Library Campus - Sherbrooke University at Longueuil
for HR Management

Société de Transport de Montréal –STM (Montréal Transport Commission) 
for HR Management

Système Support Informatique –UPS Upware
for HR Management

Telecon – Canada
for OHS Management & Training 

My partners

  • AJC business consultant
  • Blitz technologies
  • Gage recrutement
  • InterFace WSM
  • Marielle Rivest consultante Inc.
  • MRC de L'Assomption - business mentor
  • Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
  • Service d'Intervention sur Mesure – SIM

My book

This reference book, defines the responsibilities, the applications, and the know-how in HR management. (in French)

Procedures and applications shown in this book are address to entrepreneurs, to managers, of all types of companies, no matter the size and the field of activities. The book is also address to all managers supervising employees or responsible of human resources duties. It also introduces a new and practical way of conducting Human Resources.

"Does what is said here, do the work?  "Very well... because I have experienced and applied the actions and reflections that are described in my book"


Please refer to the ‘’My Book’’